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YEAR 7 2021 Excel Class

YEAR 7 2021 EXCEL (Expanded Curriculum for Enriched Learning)

At Lake Illawarra High School our highly motivated, experienced, and dedicated staff strive to engage and support our students, to prepare them to be future-focused and ready for the word beyond school. We are proud of the students and staff who make up our Lake Leaming Community, who continue to ensure that we provide opportunities for our students to succeed in whatever they do.

Lake Illawarra High School provides opportunities for gifted and talented students across our school. Although we have always 'streamed' our classes to meet our students at their learning point of need, in 2020 we are launching the EXCEL class in years 7 and 8. This will be an enrichment class designed to be challenging and will cater for high achieving, academic students, providing intellectual stimulation by designing lessons that foster and build critical 21st Century skills, essential for the future workspaces and places. This is achieved through innovative teaching methods, such as PBL (Project Based Leaming) and through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) units of work.

Lake Illawarra High School will open applications for students who are highly motivated, display outstanding academic aptitude and are willing to be pushed to reach their academic best. Applicants for the EXCEL class are selected by the school after all applications are reviewed by a selection panel. The students in this class will be selected on the basis of their results in Year 5 NAPLAN, Year 6 reports, primary school based PAT-R, their involvement and performance in Primary School and information provided in the application. Furthermore, we will be communicating with the applicants' Year 6 teachers to fully assess their suitability.

All correspondence and telephone advice is provided to the parent or carer named on the application form. This parent or carer should be the custodial parent or carer living with the child.

Please inform Lake Illawarra High School if there is a change in details.

Important dates:
Applications for Enrichment Class close - Friday 15th November 2020
Outcomes Advice mailed - Friday 6th December 2020