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Clontarf Program

Clontarf has been running all over the country since the year 2000. Currently there are 119 academies with the Lake Illawarra Academy opening in 2019. With 2 full-time staff mentoring up to 46 boys in 2019. We have an Academy room where the boys can feel safe and comfortable to hang out, play table tennis, cards, do homework, eat or just chat with other academy members.

Clontarf is a Mentoring program where Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander boys are given opportunities to improve themselves under 5 major Pillars.

Education: Assistance getting to and from school, help with homework, assistance in class, materials for class. 

Sport: Morning training sessions twice per week, Inter-Academy games and carnivals, table tennis competitions.

Leadership: Opportunities on camps and excursions to learn about leadership and take on leadership roles, practising speeches and communication, getting out into the community at community events like Clean Up Australia Day and other charity days.

Employment: Excursions to potential pathway options, employers and Clontarf Partners, collation of employment folio's, interview skills and resume writing, special employment forums for senior students.

Well being: Positive school and camp experiences, cooking lessons, health sessions, health checks, rewards for school attendance and achievements, healthy food available for breakfast, recess and lunch, creation of healthy habits. 

The program is totally voluntary and free of charge. However the more the boys challenge themselves and trust the program, the more the boys will get out of it. 

Our mission statement:

The Clontarf foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, self esteem, life skills and employment prospects of young aboriginal men and by doing so, equips them to participate more meaningfully in society.