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Parent Portal Information

Parent Portal Information

The Sentral Parent Portal provides a comprehensive online desktop environment for parents to keep in touch with their children’s life at school. It is the backbone of the Sentral for Parents Mobile App.

The Parent Portal will provide information such as:

We encourage all Parents & Carers to register for this great initiative at Lake Illawarra High School.

Please take the time to create your account and if you are having any difficulties, contact the school for technical support.

How to Register

Please register for access to our Parent Portal here:!/register

You must use a valid email address to create your username. Once successfully registered you will be prompted to enter your username (email address) and the password you created.

To complete your registration and see student data, you will need to enter the access key provided into the "My Access" menu on the Portal website, or if you're using the APP, it will prompt you to enter it immediately - Please see FAQ below for more information.

Download the Sentral for Parents App

Download the Sentral for Parents App

The Sentral for Parents app allows you to monitor your child’s school journey simply and efficiently. You will find numerous smart features that help streamline your day. Receive messages and notifications from teachers, report absences, make payments for school activities and more. The Sentral for Parents app helps you stay connected and informed about your child’s education.